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2018 Virtual In Game Face I tty art - 2018 - Virtual In-Game Face. I

Virtual In-Game Face. I

In-Game Photography
Digigraphie mounted on Dibond
FMuseum : W 110 cm x H 128 cm
This work is composed of 1 image

Limited Edition 8

For each societal system, there are certain artifacts that concentrate, group together and represent the fundamental characteristics of that society. Video Games, at the beginning of the 21st century, because of their immaterial components and use of technology serve as an ideal candidate.

Here, there will be questions about its ability to represent of the most contemporary inquiries as well as announcing a future Exodus to Virtual.

Virtual In-Game Face. I – 1200 pixels width imagefile

2018 Virtual In Game Face I 1200 - 2018 - Virtual In-Game Face. I

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