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About :

The role of art is not to express the personality but to overcome it. T.S. Eliot.
Art, in its many forms, does not simply serve as a conduit for personal emotions,
but as a transcendent medium, it is a stepping stone towards greater universal truths.
TTY. 2023
It is the End.
It is the End of HomoSapiens.
The world has already seen five major extinctions,
And now,
There will be another.
Climatologists, bacteriologists, demographers, physicists, immunologists, transhumanists, …
The conclusion is consistent.
HomoSapiens will soon vanish from the Earth.
No matter how the End will come, environmental disaster, pandemics, unbreathable air, undrinkable water, famine, nuclear winter, strong AI, …
Or some combination of them all.
Relatively soon, the Earth will purge itself of HomoSapiens.
There have been HomoHabilis, HomoErgaster, HomoErectus, HomoNeanderthalensis, …
There will be a Post-HomoSapiens.
TTY. 2021
2019 013 This was HomoSapiens The first 9 cities that 000 - About - Overview
This was HomoSapiens. The first 9 cities that ran out of drinking water. São Paulo, Bangalore, Beijing, Cairo, Jakarta, Moscow, Istanbul, Mexico, London.
Satellite HeightMaps, Virtual Photography
Digigraphie mounted on Dibond
FMuseum : W 333 cm x H 333 cm
This work is composed of 9 images W 111 cm x H 111 cm arranged in a 3 x 3 array
“ My work is about the announcement of a new Renaissance; a new Renaissance related to HomoSapiens, that refers to the work on genetics by Craig Venter’s scientific teams, who designed and manufactured the first living cell using a computer (may 2010), a new Renaissance for art practices enabled by the use of digital tools ”
TTY. 2012
As far as the future of photography is concerned, from the little that we can extract from a reduced perspective of a “lens based” practice and all the redundancy linked to it, the future will be even brighter. As in the myth, once we open Pandora’s box, it will be impossible to stem the flow …
“And yet the decisive thing about photography is the relationship of the photographer to his technique”. Walter Benjamin.
TTY. 2016
(Photography – Virtual Photography – 3D Modeling Photography – In-Game Photography – Game-Technology Photography – Artificial Intelligence Photography, …, in the form of an Edition of Photographs)
0110 2021 065 This was HomoSapiens Killer Teens 000 1 - About - Overview
This was HomoSapiens. Killer Teens. (Boys)
2021. Virtual Photography
W 600 cm x H 600 cm : 9 images W 200 cm x H 200 cm arranged in a 3 x 3 array
The Museum of HomoSapiens :
In this vision of Future, HomoSapiens as as we know them, tied to Nature, the City and Time, thus being mortal and with natural needs, has disappeared. The Reserve Rooms of this Museum represent a testimony of his customs and life staged in an idealistic tableau.
TTY. 2010
0011 020 2022 This was HomoSapiens Post Apocalypse 001 - About - Overview
This was HomoSapiens. Post Apocalypse. Image N°1/9
2022. Virtual Photography
W 600 cm x H 600 cm : 9 images W 200 cm x H 200 cm arranged in a 3 x 3 array

Art Mediums i’m involved with :

What is new is our representation (Medium) of the representation itself (Art).
In reference to the medium in art, I strongly believe that in the long term it is the medium that often says more.
Being willing to enter into a “virtual” representation is similar to announcing the post-human era.

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Selected Artworks :

DataBase of Artworks :

This work presented both on my website and on social medias can be considered as a database of ArtWorks that when combined constitute an exhibition.

FMuseum – Sculpture/3D Prints :

All ArtWorks are designed for very large prints (W 400 cm x H 300 cm), (smaller is possible) + sculptures/ceramics through the use of Machine-Tools, allowing any size site-specific art installations.
006 BNF 002 - About - Overview
TTY. Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Paris. France